Yetseong-gil Section

Tangchundaeseong Stone Gate –Bukhansan Ecological Park

The Yetseong-gil section starts at Daenammun Gate, the south-facing of the twelve gates of the fortress wall. As such, it is the only Dulle-gil that passes through the historic structure.
The trail continues along Bibong Ridge, connecting the old capital city limits with Bukhansanseong Fortress, and passing via Changchundaeseong Fortress. Visitors will find the experience akin to time travel as they find themselves surrounded by walls that have borne witness to victories and defeats that determined the course of Korean history.
Once you’ve passed the fortress walls there is an open area where you’ll find an observatory deck that overlooks the Bohyeonbong, Munsubong, Bibong, Hyangnobong, and Joduribong Peaks, surrounded by other mountains.

Yetseong-gil map

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Section length and walk time

  • Length : 2.7km
  • Walk time: approximately 100 minutes
  • level :
  • TEL. +82-2-900-8085
  • FAX. +82-2-900-8087

Traffic Information

Tangchundaeseong Stone Gate Direction
Gireum Subway Station, Exit 3 – Take bus 7211 and get off Gugi Tunnel, Hanguk Gojeon Beonyeokwon Institute for the Translation of Korean Classics) stop – two minutes’ walk.
Bukhansan Mountain Ecologic Park Direction
Bulgwang Subway Station, Exit 2 – Take bus 7022 or 7211 and cross the road and get off Dokbakgol – seven minutes’ walk.
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