Sullye-gil Section

Northern Solbat Neighborhood Park – Entrance to the Tomb of Yi Jun

The Sullye-gil section is where a number of Korean independence activists rest in peace.
There are sixteen cemetery areas in total, including those of a Man of Merit and seventeen warriors who died young fighting for the nation’s independence. The trail overlooks the National 4.19 Democracy Cemetery, where great men who died to defend democracy are buried. By the time you finish walking the entire trail you will have learned a great deal about the struggles Koreans had to endure to achieve the freedom the nation enjoys today. There is an old- fashioned stone bridge on the path that reminds us of the wisdom and skill of our ancestors, and which is sure to kindle a sense of nostalgia in the oldest generation, memories and thoughts of home in adults, and pride in the hearts of children.
A small stream runs beneath the stone bridge which leads to an open area where one can enjoy reading in the shade and listen to the gentle sound of flowing water.

Sullye-gil map

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Section length and walk time

  • Length : 2.3km
  • Walk time: approximately 70 minutes
  • level :
  • TEL. +82-2-900-8085
  • FAX. +82-2-900-8087

Traffic Information

Northern Solbat Neighborhood Park Direction
Suyu Subway Station, Exit 3 - Duksung Women’s University buses 101, 120, 153 – five minutes’ walk after crossing the street.
Tomb of Yi Jun Direction
Suyu Subway Station, Exit 1 – Take bus Gangbuk 01 and get off at the Education Center for Unification stop
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