Gureumjeongwon-gil Section

Northern Bukhansan Ecologic Park –Jeongwan Ecological Bridge

The Gureumjeongwon-gil section is a mix of urban, natural, and human elements and a trail that overlooks the beautiful scenery of Seoul’s vast urban landscape.
See Seoul's horizon from the Haneuljeonmang Deck surrounded by the fresh scent of nut pines that densely populate the area. The section is named Gureumjeongwon (meaning “a garden in the skies” in Korean) because of the trail’s altitude; the lane almost seems as if it is touching the sky. Lush forests of nut pines and pine trees give off a substance called phytoncide, which strengthens the lungs and stomach and relieves stress. The section is especially dense in needle leaf trees, making the walk extra refreshing.

Gureumjeongwon-gil map

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Section length and walk time

  • Length : 4.9km
  • Walk time: approximately 150 minutes
  • level :
  • TEL. +82-2-900-8085
  • FAX. +82-2-900-8087

Traffic Information

Bukhansan Mountain Ecologic Park Direction
Bulgwang Subway Station, Exit 2 – Take bus 7022 or 7211 and cross the road and get off Dokbakgol – seven minutes’ walk.
Jingwan Ecologic Bridge Direction
Yeonsinnae Subway Station, Exit 3 – Take bus 7211 and get off Samcheonsa Entrance stop – twenty minutes’ walk.
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