Masil-gil Section

Jingwan Ecologic Bridge –Capital Defense Command

The Masil-gil (Masil, a word from a Korean dialect, means ‘to visit a neighbor’) section, adjacent to Eunpyeong new town, is a great place for an easy walk along with the neighborhood’s residents in a comfortable atmosphere. Not without the dreariness generic to all cities, this walk through a patch of green amid towering grey buildings will remind you once more of the importance of preserving the forest. There are benches placed every few minutes apart along the trail, so why not take a rest on one under a shady tree and chat with family.
There is a Korean saying that ‘a neighbor is better than family.’ It means a close neighbor that can lend a helping hand when the going gets tough is better than distant family members. Masil-gil is a path that holds the neighborhood together as one big happy family.

Masil-gil map

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Section length and walk time

  • Length : 1.5km
  • Walk time: approximately 45 minutes
  • level :
  • TEL. +82-2-900-8085
  • FAX. +82-2-900-8087

Traffic Information

Jingwan Ecologic Bridge Direction
Yeonsinnae Subway Station, Exit 3 – Take bus 7211 and get off Samcheonsa Entrance stop – twenty minutes’ walk.
Tank Forces Direction
Gupabal Subway Station, Exit 1 – Take bus 704 or 34 Imgok Samgeori stop – five minutes’ walk.
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