Solsaem-gil Section

Bukhansan Ecological Forest – Jeongneung Parking Lot

This section contains a well-maintained forest, Bukhansan Ecological Forest, one of the best examples of a lush green manmade forest in the city, adjacent to Seongbuk-gu, as well as large beds of colorful wildflowers. There are programs that walk you though the forest’s ecology; learn more about mountain wildlife living side-by-side with an artificial forest creating a stark contrast between the two.
There are various convenience facilities dotted along the trail which make this section a great choice for families with young children. And because the trail is located at a higher altitude than the rest of the Dulle-gil trail, there are excellent views of the city (average height 200m) wherever you happen to be on this section.
Past the manmade forest the path leads you to a narrow path behind the Jeongneung Elementary School, followed by a traditional village full of old-fashioned Korean houses in Jeongneung-dong, Seongbuk-gu. The small town has preserved its antique appearance; each gravel and crack has a story to tell. The sad little rundown houses create a sense of familiarity that leaves a warm feeling in the hearts of Koreans. Old temples can be seen here and there, leading one to wonder whether life here was easygoing and peaceful or fierce with competition.

Solsaem-gil map

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Section length and walk time

  • Length : 2.1km
  • Walk time: approximately 60 minutes
  • level :
  • TEL. +82-2-900-8085
  • FAX. +82-2-900-8087

Traffic Information

Bukhansan Ecological Forest Entrance Direction
Gireum Subway Station, Exit 3 – Take bus 1014 or 1114 and get off at the last station
Jeongneung Parking Lot Direction
Gireum Subway Station, Line number 3 – last stop on bus 143, 110B – five minutes’ walk.
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